Sexy & Single Party: LovePool

Sexy & Single Party: LovePool

The ninth edition of the Sexy & Single series offers you to enjoy an evening out, dance and meet great people. This time the event will take place at a swimming pool. So, note it down – the 29th of August, 2013. The Sexy and Single events in Sofia gather more than 200 singles every couple of months.


Dress code: An item, related to the sea. For example a sailor T-shirt, inflatable rubber ring, swimming suit, pail and shovel, water pistol, beach ball or whatever you can think of :) The important thing is to carry an object or clothing that are associated with the sea. We encourage you to put your bathing suit under your clothes because the water is too much a temptation in the hot summer night :)

The event is organized with the kind support of:
Flying Steps за Sexy & Single Party

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Find your other half. At the entrance you’ll receive a cocktail umbrella with a word on it :) Find out a person from the opposite sex who has the same word on his/ her umbrella and get a free shot at the bar. Hurry up – the first 60 get the prize…

The hot chair. Here you’ll face interesting and provocative questions. So, give it a try only if you don’t blush easily

Flirt! At the entrance you’ll get 3 special flirt cards. When you see someone you fancy, you can write him/her a note, leave your contact details and give the card to the person (you can handle the card yourself or ask someone from the Sexy & Single Party team to do it)

Go on a Hot Date! It’s a five minute date with someone you don’t know. But we have a surprise. A special condition applies to every date – either you can’t talk but only draw, or your eyes will be covered, or…

The Sexy & Single Party Team! Ask them to explain the rules of the game, to introduce you to someone, to give your flirt card to a lady/ gentleman. You\ll recognize them by “the dots and the suspenders”.

And much more. Participate in a Duel… dance with the best – dancers from Flying Steps ( will be special guests at our party … enjoy the performance of the synchronized swimming team from the National Sport Academy

IMPORTANT: The materials at the party will be available only in Bulgarian, so you’ll need at least basic understanding of Bulgarian language in order to take part in the games. Or you can ask for translation some of the other guests at the party (one more conversation starter:)


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See some pictures here and here and hurry up to book your space.

When : 29.August.2013, 20:00h

Where: Camay club, 1 Slatinska str., Sofia (ул. Слатинска 1, София) – Camay club combines a swimming pool and a night club. It is situated on the corner of Boqn Magesnik str. and Slatinska str. (the entrance is from the side of Boqn Magesnik str.)

комплекс Camay
Age group: 18+


  • 8 leva if you register here (you don’t have to pay in advance) and keep the dress code.
  • 13 leva if you don’t register in advance or if you don’t keep the dress code.

Book your place now!

event pic: sychofreakx3

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